Suzie works from her professional studio in Alaska. She narrates regularly for major publishers and recent titles include frontlist nonfiction and fiction for Tantor Audio, Dreamscape Media and Blackstone Audio. Ethel the chicken is always "in the wings".

“This light whodunit is made especially charming with Althens’ spot-on narration. By differentiating pitch and tone and using regional accents for all ages and genders, she produces a cast of fully recognized and distinct, quirky characters. A steady pacing keeps listeners engaged during this rollicking, fun ride.”

                                      the booklist reader


When not recording, Suzie might be seen driving a school bus for her husband’s business: Glacier view Transportation. the buses transport students over mountainous roads to a small local school. the buses travel up to a total of 300 miles a day.  Suzie listens to audiobooks when there aren't students on board.

“Using a quiet, unassuming voice that channels Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s own unpretentious tones, narrator Suzie Althens delivers a pleasing performance of the story of Senator Warren’s life.”   

Audiofile magazine

"Althens uses distinctive voices, sometimes with accents that seem to belong to real people. She knows when to exercise restraint and when to unleash the power that makes this audiobook both scary and fun" 

AudioFile Magazine

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